Maine Coon Cattery live on Channel 78

On visiting the leading program "Useful Morning" came three cat Maine Coon from our kennel Katrin's Tails * RU. Among them, the main was the brutal black and marble inter-champion of the breed - the cat Amethyst Katrin's Tails * RU, who dignifiedly sat on the table and proudly viewed the studio. This is the main and senior cat pride. Many beautiful kittens were born from him, who became domestic pets and prize-winners of Russian and international exhibitions. The leading programs and people working in the studio of the St. Petersburg Canal were delighted with the power and size of these cats, admired their calmness and peace, they were captivated by their affection and murmuring. Our cats are natural actors. They reacted calmly to the filming, they were not frightened by the camera, a large number of strangers, stroking and "squeezing" a multitude of hands. After filming, almost all the channel's employees came running into the studio, who were at work at that time. Everyone wanted to stroke and touch the seals. Our Amethyst became the universal favorite, who passed from hand to hand with dignity, paid attention to everyone and allowed himself to be ironed.
Together with the cat there were 2 of his sons Nice Katrin's Tails * RU and Magnum Katrin's Tails * RU
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